Parent Involvement

At Huckleberry's Friends Pre-School and Child Care Center, we have a deep understanding of what captivates children. We create daily lesson plans that build upon that natural curiosity through a healthy mix of educational and recreational activities; helping them develop and achieve their maximum potential.

•Preschool-level academic work •Early exposure to languages •Early music education •Exercise and motor skills

It's up to everyone to encourage children to bolster their own personal development, independence, and creativity. Because this requires support of family and friends, we encourage our children's loved ones to participate in center events, read a story to their child's class, or even share lunch with their child. We adore watching our children beaming with pride when their loved one gets involved with their class.

Together with you, the parent, we can prepare your child for the wonderful adventures in life that are yet to come!

Balanced, home cooked meals are provided (breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack). No out of the can cooking here; the children in our center are like family, we cook their meals just as you would at home. Homemade meals consist of foods such as meat loaf and mashed potatoes made from scratch, fresh fruit and bread for lunch and fresh apples or celery stuffed with peanut butter for afternoon snack. Again, no processed or sugar-filled foods here.



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